Invitation to submit articles for a collective scientific monograph


Lithuanian Association of the History and Philosophy of Science invites authors to submit articles for a collective scientific monograph Chemistry of Life. Jedrzej Sniadecki: Chemist, Physician, Enlighter. This monograph will be published in Lithuanian and English languages in 2019. Submitted articles should not be longer than one author’s sheet (about 40 000 characters including spaces).


Authors are invited to write a 500–700-word abstract of a future article in the English language and send to the address before 1 March, 2020


Articles should cover the following subjects:
Biography of Jedrzej Sniadecki;
Jedrzej Sniadecki at the University of Vilnius;
Head of the Department of Chemistry, Creator of the Scientific School of Chemistry (Rudiments of Chemistry);
Vilnius Medical Society and Vilnius University Therapy Clinics;
Physician and new generation of doctors;
Philosophy of Nature (Theory of Organic Beings);
Advocate of scientific ideas. Scientific magazine Dziennik Wileński;
Pioneer of nutrition and pedagogy education;
Society of Szubrawcy (Wiadomości Brukowe);
At home and in the family: Jaszuny, Boltup;
Scientific and social heritage of Jedrzej Sniadecki;
Bibliographical Index.




Next year is the 250th birth anniversary of Jedrzej Sniadecki, who rightly deserves to be considered a Universal Genius. He was a person with a great and broad, almost universal knowledge in many fields. A. Sniadecki was a man with his roots in the enlightenment, who grew, matured and blossomed in the early romantic era, he was a phenomenon of Vilnius University and a star of Vilnius society in the period of 1797–1838. He excelled in chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, hygiene, pedagogy, philosophy and writing. A. Sniadecki was a pioneer in the field of biochemistry and vaccination. He found, established and chaired the Vilnius Medical Society,  Towarzystwo Szubrawców (the Rascals Society). He contributed articles to a unique and extraordinary satirical weekly, Wiadomości Brukowe (The Pavement News). A. Sniadecki co-founded, edited and also wrote in Dziennik Wileński (The Vilnius Daily), the largest and most prestigious daily in Vilnius in the beginning of the 19th century.

The best way to celebrate the legacy of this great man, we believe, is to awaken and unite the academic community of Vilnius University and other scientific institutions in Lithuania and abroad, all educational and medical institutions, science historians and every individual, regardless young or old, who are interested in Jedrzej Sniadecki and his tremendous and groundbreaking contributions to science, progress and society.

This website aims at initiating, announcing, publishing, coordinating and interfacing of all initiatives, events and publications locally and internationally with respect to the celebration of 250th birth anniversary of Jedrzej Sniadecki in Lithuania and internationally. Great people do not belong neither to a city nor a state. They belong to the mankind and posterity!

In historical descriptions of Vilnius University and Vilnius city Jedrzej Sniadecki (Jędrzej (Andrzej) Śniadecki, 1768-1838) is known as a famous chemist and a well respected teacher of Vilnius University, a famous physician, the founder of the Vilnius Medical Society, a chairman of the Society of Szubrawcy (Rascals), a humanist and, finally, a entertaining man. The very personality of A. Sniadecki is worth much more than a single intriguing plot about academic life in Vilnius, his relationship with the changing political and local government. Jedrzej Sniadecki wrote all his works while living in Vilnius or in the Manor of Rovnopol (in Belarus). From all publications, the Chemistry Manual, the fundamental philosophical work Theory of Organic Beings and the pedagogical work about physical education of children have attracted the attention not only of contemporaries, but also of researchers of the later ages and of the general public. Unfortunately, nowadays it is little known about his work and merits in chemistry, medicine and public health.

We would like to invite you to celebrate the 250th anniversary of this great scholar of Vilnius University and remember him in the Lithuanian Science Olympos Gallery.

Prof. Juozas Algimantas Krikštopaitis
President of the Lithuanian Association for History and Philosophy of Science

The life and work of Jedrzej Sniadecki (Jędrzej (Andrzej) Śniadecki, 1768-1838) are strongly connected to the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. After studies in Italy and Scotland he took a Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Vilnius University and settled in Lithuania for almost 40 years of his most active life. A. Sniadecki was among personalities, who forthcame his epoch, gave all his energy to educate a young generation, made brave conclusions and opened new horizons for chemistry and biochemistry.

This site intents to cumulate and disseminate information about Lithuanian and international initiatives to commemorate A. Sniadecki’s anniversary and his scientific heritage.

Hereby we would like to announce the project of a scientific collective peer-reviewed monograph Chemistry of Life: Jedrzej Sniadecki, 1768–1838 – about the scholarly, medical and social activities of Jedrzej Sniadecki in Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Great Britain and invite historians of culture, chemistry, medicine and pedagogics to participate, also share information among colleagues who may be interested and willing to offer a scientific article. The monograph will be published in 2020.

Dr. Birutė Railienė
The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Coordinator of the Lectiones Vilnenses Andreae Sniadecki

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